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Pioneering New Pathways to Enrich Customer Engagement and Compliance

Authors Photo Precisely Editor | November 30, 2023

Today’s customers expect businesses to engage with them on their own terms. They want companies to anticipate their needs, personalize offerings to their individual preferences, and present them with multiple ways to interact with the brand.

That requires a deep, contextual understanding of each customer’s behaviors, intentions, and wishes. It often means predicting what the customer wants, even before they go looking for it. It also means mastering the fundamentals of personal service at scale – recognizing each individual, being aware of their previous interactions with the company, auto-completing details like delivery and payment information, and communicating clearly about the things that matter to them.

To achieve stellar customer experience management results at scale, companies need a unified platform that:

  • Empowers their employees
  • Integrates and harmonizes data
  • Accelerates and enhances customer communications

Above all, the technology underpinning the customer experience must garner the trust of consumers and employees alike.

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The Importance of Customer Relationship Engagement

Effective customer relationship management isn’t just a nice to have.  In today’s world, it’s essential. Here’s why.

Customer experience (CX) is a key factor in growing revenue. According to Hubspot Research, for example, 93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases from companies that offer excellent customer service.

Market-leading organizations also run more efficiently.  In fact, they’re nearly three-quarters more likely to use automation to help their employees manage customer experiences more effectively. That reduces stress and enables consistent customer relationship engagement.

Automated customer communications management also translates to lower costs, provided that organizations choose their technology wisely.  While technology can help with great customer relationship management, tech is getting more expensive. It’s important to shop carefully and look for a solution that delivers a high return on investment.

Read Analyst Report

Digitization in the Fast Lane: EngageOne™ RapidCX

Read this analyst report from Aspire Customer Communications Services, which examines how an increasing focus on customer retention through improved digital interaction has led enterprises to reassess their customer communications management (CCM) strategy.

A unified customer communications platform can improve compliance and streamline reporting.  Regulators and the public alike expect that data will be up-to-date and fit for purpose and that it will be used in a transparent manner.

When companies fail to meet compliance standards, it can cost them dearly, both financially and in terms of reputational impact. In 2022, regulators in the European Union handed down the largest penalty to date for violations of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  That incident came at a cost of €746 million.

What Does Great Customer Relationship Engagement Look Like?

The secret lies in adopting a unified, scalable technology platform to automate processes and streamline customer engagement. At the same time, it requires a data-driven approach designed with compliance in mind.

Here’s what to look for:

Omnichannel experiences

Today’s consumers have more options than ever before for communicating with the companies from whom they purchase products and services. If your organization isn’t giving them the choices they want, there’s a good chance that they will go elsewhere. But omnichannel experiences aren’t just about having multiple options; those various channels must be integrated with one another, such that the consumer enjoys a unified experience.

Customer self-service

Consumers need access to all communications across all channels and the capacity to take action quickly and easily, without relying on a customer service agent to intervene on their behalf. Customers want the ability to make electronic payments, easily locate answers to their questions, search for historical billing information or other documents, and upload documents to support interactions with your company when needed.

On-demand communication creation

Your customer communications management platform should also enable authorized employees to send outbound communications to specific segments of your customer base and make those on-demand communications available to the customer via online archives.

Personalized communications

Extraordinary customer engagement isn’t just about targeting segmented groups of customers. The best customer experience management platform makes it easy to personalize messages for each individual using data derived from a 360° view of the customer. That enables you to deliver content in each person’s preferred language, provide focused information that is relevant to each individual, or even serve the personalized interactive video based on a customer’s preferences or the products they have purchased from your company.

Audit trail for all changes and deliveries

Digitized communications call for close attention to governance and compliance.  The right customer communications management platform should enable managers to see everything they need, all in one place. That means offering a dashboard view of all delivered communications, with the ability to drill down on every change to track multiple versions of any particular document quickly and easily. To streamline compliance, a good communications management platform should maintain a complete audit trail of all changes.

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Holistic Customer Engagement Management

Precisely’s EngageOneTM software helps you create seamless, personalized omnichannel communications and deliver those via any medium, at any time. That leads to great CX, strong brand loyalty, and higher profitability.

At Precisely, we help organizations to develop and maintain a fully contextual 360° view of their customers and engage those customers with highly personalized content via multiple channels.  With EngageOneTM software from Precisely, companies can create world-class customer experiences using a single, unified platform.

EngageOneTM software eliminates the struggle that many organizations have with disconnected software products that were simply not designed with holistic customer communications management in mind and that require costly, unwieldy integrations.

With EngageOneTM software, your channels work together. That translates to a consistent experience that costs you less money because it eliminates siloed platforms and manual processes.

Read this analyst report from Aspire Customer Communications Services, Digitization in the Fast Lane which examines how an increasing focus on customer retention through improved digital interaction has led enterprises to reassess their customer communications management (CCM) strategy.