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Maximizing ROI for Your Big Data Management Budget

Authors Photo Rachel Levy Sarfin | February 13, 2020

Let’s face the facts: you have a limited budget for your big data management needs. Yet, there are so many solutions out there, and so much information that you need to manage. How can you maximize your return on investment for big data management solutions?

The answer lies in choosing the right solutions. Read on to learn about how Connect and Trillium DQ for Big Data maximize your ROI for these solutions. 

The principles of big data management 

Before we discuss how these Precisely solutions maximize your big data management investment, let’s take a moment to explore the principles of big data management. 

Big data management refers to the organization, administration, and governance of large volumes of information. This data can be unstructured or structured. The goal of big data management is to ensure high data quality and accessibility for business intelligence and analytics applications. 

To get the greatest ROI from your big data management solutions, they must be able to work quickly, simply, and effectively. In the next sections, we’ll describe how Connect and Trillium DQ for Big Data meet those requirements.


Connect is data integration software designed for building modern data pipelines with highly scalable distributed computing frameworks such as Spark and MapReduce. It allows you to easily and quickly move large amounts of data into data lakes so they can be analyzed.

The prime benefit of Connect is that it connects to all enterprise information, regardless of the source or its complexity. That capability means that you don’t miss out on information just because it’s stored in a mainframe or because it’s in a streaming platform. Connect links securely to almost any source, using native drivers to extract information for guaranteed optimal speed and efficiency.


Governing Volume: Ensuring Trust and Quality in Big Data

As the volume and variety of big data sources continue to grow, the level of trust in that data remains troublingly low. Ensuring quality in big data is the challenge. Read on to discover how a strong focus on data quality spanning the people, processes and technology of your organization will help ensure quality and trust in your analytics that drive business decisions.

Trillium DQ for Big Data

Trillium DQ for Big Data is an integrated solution that profiles, cleanses, standardizes, and matches your big data. It helps users connect data sources, profile them, and explore their contents for issues and anomalies. 

Why choose Trillium DQ for Big Data? You need to be able to trust your information, which sadly, many companies cannot. Their data can be inaccurate, in multiple formats, and simply not useful for analysis or other functions. 

Trillium DQ for Big Data addresses these problems by connecting to data sources and running profiling processes. Data profiling processes utilize the distributed architectures of frameworks such as MapReduce and Spark, without requiring technical expertise. Users can then leverage out-of-the-box and ad hoc business rules to further drill down to specific issues.

To learn more about how to maintain quality at scale, read our eBook: Governing Volume: Ensuring Trust and Quality in Big Data