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AIOps-Driven Events Management Equals Greater Visibility

Authors Photo Precisely Editor | July 9, 2020

No one can afford downtime. There’s a problem, though: infrastructure is incredibly complex. There are many systems and networks that depend upon one another to support a single business application. While companies invest in monitoring systems that track thousands of events per day, without data integration it takes valuable time to manually sift through all of these events to figure out what’s problematic and what’s not.

ServiceNow® uses AIOps in its Events Management application to cut through the noise, so IT teams can fix problems fast. Ironstream has now extended ServiceNow Events Management to include the mainframe and IBM i for greater visibility. Read on to learn more. 

The problem: Data integration

Many companies still use IBM i systems and mainframes. They’re workhorses that contain valuable information. Yet, if something goes wrong with them that impacts enterprise-wide services, it’s almost impossible to get to the root of the problem because they’re not visible for many cross-platform monitoring systems. 

As a result, costly outages last much longer than they should. Companies waste vital time and effort, not to mention lost productivity. 

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Leverage the Power of ServiceNow for Mainframe and IBM i

Explore how the implementation of Ironstream for ServiceNow makes it possible for ServiceNow’s AIOps-driven Event Management to seamlessly access mainframe and IBM i data

ServiceNow Events Management

The ServiceNow Events Management application works by bringing captured events from existing infrastructure monitoring tools into ServiceNow for consolidation, analysis, and action. It processes events through filters so it can normalize and remove duplicate events from the event stream to generate alerts about problems. 

Thanks to AIOps (short for AI for IT Operations), ServiceNow Events Management reduces “noise” for IT teams; they can figure out what events are normal and abnormal and solve problems faster. AIOps works by applying machine learning to IT Operations environments so it takes much less time to correlate events. This technology automatically adapts to ever-changing IT environments.

Ironstream and ServiceNow Events Management: Data integration for winning combination 

Until recently, mainframes and IBM i environments weren’t integrated into ServiceNow Events Management. If one of those legacy databases suffered an outage, it wouldn’t be visible to solutions outside of those platforms. Ironstream extended ServiceNow Events Management through data integration, so these vital assets will be discernible through a single, enterprise view. 

Ironstream for ServiceNow discovers information about how the mainframe and IBM i systems (as well as their components and connections) are set up and performing and whether there are any issues with them. Thanks to data integration, IT Operations staff members won’t waste time and effort figuring out where problems are. Moreover, employees can get back to work faster once those systems are back online. 

Benefits of Ironstream for ServiceNow 

There are a number of benefits to Ironstream for ServiceNow: 

  • Greater visibility: IT infrastructure is now a comprehensive ecosystem rather than separate domains
  • Faster repairs: Quickly and accurately prioritize and filter events through a centralized dashboard, thanks to seamless data integration
  • Increased productivity at a lower cost: Reduce duplicate efforts on separate, yet related, issues 

Solving outages quickly and affordably is crucial for firms, and it’s now possible thanks to Ironstream’s extension of ServiceNow’s events management capabilities. Mainframe and IBM i systems are now visible, erasing any previous blind spots that the IT Operations had. Read Leverage the Power of ServiceNow for Mainframe and IBM i to learn more.