Trillium Software was acquired by Syncsort, now Precisely

Trillium Software’s data quality products are part of the Precisely Trillium family

Trillium Software is now part of Precisely, the leader in data integrity

Trillium Software was acquired by Syncsort in 2016.

Following Syncsort’s acquisition of Pitney Bowes Software & Data, it rebranded as Precisely in May 2020. Precisely brings together the best of these businesses to create an end-to-end, mature product portfolio with a singular focus on data integrity – all so we can help our customers move forward with confidence.

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Trillium Discovery

  • Access, analyze and understand your data in minutes to uncover hidden insights
  • Integrate profiling results and business rules assessments with Collibra and other governance applications
  • Easily adapt to profile new data sources and assess data based on changing business needs
  • Design once and deploy on traditional, distributed and cloud platforms for highly scalable data profiling

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Trillium Software’s Trillium Discovery is part of our portfolio.

Trillium Quality

  • Get your machine learning and advanced analytics initiatives off to a fast, successful start
  • Support your business with a true 360-degree view of your customers, products and more
  • Perform data quality processes faster and at scale to help meet critical service level agreements
  • Leverage the high-performance compute power of distributed frameworks including Hadoop MapReduce and Spark

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Trillium Software’s Trillium Quality is part of our portfolio.

Trillium Geolocation

  • Accurately pinpoint customer locations in more than 240 countries, territories and legal entities
  • Easily integrate accurate postal addresses and geocoding into your business applications
  • Reduce data entry keystrokes by up to 80% and minimize errors with automated address search
  • Deliver accurate data and streamlined processes for better marketing, sales, customer service, and logistics

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Trillium Software’s Global Locator has been rebranded as Trillium Geolocation.

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Our products help you build possibilities grounded in the most accurate, enriched data available.

  • Integrate – Connect today’s infrastructure with tomorrow’s technology
  • Verify – Trust and understand your data for confident decisions
  • Locate – Turn data into actionable insights with location intelligence
  • Enrich – Enhance decisions with business, location and consumer data
  • Engage – Build personalized, timely communication across many channels


Trillium Software is now part of Precisely