White Paper

Trustworthy Data Depends on Enterprise Data Quality

A closer look at how Precisely and enterprise data systems work together

We’ve all heard the narrative that data is being produced and amassed at speeds never seen before. And that narrative has continued with organizations struggling to manage that data in various lakes, warehouses and sometimes, swamps. But a narrative that has received little attention is around the quality of the data.

Organizations are creating and ingesting data at exponential rates. But a frequent afterthought is managing the quality of the data. And it’s often during critical board meetings or audit reporting that organizations realize they cannot trust their data.  Different lines of business will be looking at the “same” data set, yet each of their versions and even conclusions drawn from the data can vary widely.

Data quality has become paramount to successful business outcomes. Accurate, consistent and complete data is used to produce valuable analytics insights, mitigate compliance risk, achieve operational excellence and increase data value. Bad data that proliferates within data systems and environments across the data supply chain can derail business initiatives and pose significant operational, financial and reputational risks.

Quality-powered data governance

To effectively confront today’s data quality challenges, organizations need to establish a comprehensive framework of data governance that integrates and prioritizes data quality as a critical enterprise objective. Data governance is the formal orchestration of people, processes and technology that enable organizations to leverage data as an enterprise asset.  Data quality is a measure of data’s accuracy, completeness, consistency, reliability and fit for purpose. Together, they ensure that data consumers can easily find, understand, use and trust data assets to enable better decision-making, achieve enterprise objectives and deliver ROI.

This white paper will dive into the advantages a company can gain by establishing and prioritizing an enterprise data quality strategy to ensure data consistency and accuracy across core systems. It also provides an in-depth look at how Precisely, a pioneer in enterprise data quality, governance and analytic solutions, complements complex enterprise systems to give organizations confidence in their data quality.

Trustworthy data depends on enterprise data quality
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