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Provide Insulation Against Bill Shock

You’re doing everything right. You’ve got great network coverage and reliability. You offer competitive rates and attractive service bundles. You provide affordable family plans and easy upgrades to the hottest new devices. However, if your billing experience is less than optimal, you’re still at risk of disappointing and possibly even losing your subscribers. Bills that are confusing or higher than expected do more than damage the customer experience. They increase the cost of service, reduce call center productivity, delay payments and damage your brand. The solution: Insulate against bill shock.

Insulate your subscribers against bill shock. It’s time for a more customer-friendly, proactive approach. Innovative digital technologies like Interactive Personalized Video, digital self-service and chatbots are helping Communications Service Providers provide greater clarity and accuracy, pre-empt problems and deepen engagement. Bills are your primary contact with customers. Are they working for or against you?

Billing is a crucial component of the customer experience. Each bill is a reminder of the cost of products and services. It begs the question: “Are they worth it?”, making it particularly important to demonstrate value with every bill. Yet delivering a personalized billing experience isn’t always easy. Most providers are still struggling to connect billing systems from acquisitions and legacy systems that were never designed to work together. They need to link customer data across functional silos, even as the complexity of customer relationships continues to grow.

A single individual may have multiple devices and subscribe to multiple services. He or she may be eligible for discount plans and complicated service bundles. All too often, the resulting bills are complex, difficult to understand and frustrating for the consumer, especially when there’s an unexpected charge. Insulate your subscribers against bill shock as a solution.

The FCC receives more than 2,000 complaints each year about “bill shock”, and that’s just the incidences that are reported. FCC surveys indicate that one in six mobile users will confront an unexpectedly high bill. The problem is not unique to the US. Bill shock, for example, is an issue for one in five Canadians, and 46 percent of those who complained to their provider were not satisfied with the resolution.

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insulate against bill shock
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