White Paper

Precisely PlaceIQ Syndicated Audience Handbook

PlaceIQ Audiences uses real-world data to understand consumer behavior, and create granular yet scalable audiences for high-value
activation. Our audiences are designed to optimize visitation to key locations, while retaining the highest level of audience fidelity.

Real-world actions indicate real consumer intent. Just think about it…

  • Are your consumers more likely to be in-market for a car if they visit an auto brand’s website, or if they visit a dealership lot?
  • Are shoppers more likely to spend at your store if they search for the nearest mall, or actually show up at one?
  • Are travelers more likely to stay at a business hotel if they search for flights online, or if they visit the same airport every week?

Read this handbook and explore Precisely PlaceIQ’s real-world audiences to discover new and innovative ways to reach high-value consumers.


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