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Maximize Banking Relationships with a Customer 360° View

When banks can see the whole picture, opportunities are revealed

As banks strive to differentiate themselves in an increasingly digital marketplace, they require more efficient ways to connect with customers. Retention, upsell and cross-sell are all critical to success. That means it’s more important to understand each customer in context…across accounts, geographies, relationships, demographics and more. To treat customers as individuals, you need to understand customer banking relationships that requires real-time access to a comprehensive single customer view. Achieve this and more with Customer 360° View by Precisely.

Various solutions have promised easy access to robust, contextual customer insight. However, these traditional data-management solutions are holding most banks back. Rigid, relational database structures aren’t built to deliver the agile, comprehensive view today’s markets require. It takes a game-changing approach to gain a true 360°degree view of your customers. Transformational graph-database technology holds the key.

The banking relationship imperative

When you can see each customer in the context of their accounts, behaviors, geography and demographics, you can engage them in more timely and effective ways. This is increasingly essential for banks today:

  • It’s become easier for customers to transfer their accounts to another bank or spread their accounts across different institutions
  • More nontraditional services are now competing for the same banking pie
  • Innovators like Amazon and Facebook have ushered in an era of astounding customer experiences, and consumers expect nothing less from their banks

If you’re determined to grow share of wallet (and stave off commoditization), you’ll need to excel at delivering highly relevant, personalized engagement. This type of compelling, individualized engagement requires an efficient way to connect data across silos, improve data quality and easily enrich your data. Only then can you inform every interaction, accelerating insight, analysis and automation across every aspect of your business.

What you could do with customer banking relations with a 360° View

Make the right offer to the right customer at the right time through the right channel when you gain the view that lets you:

  • Streamline interactions
  • Enhance self-service
  • Identify best next offers
  • Target with precision
  • Boost digital engagement
  • Uncover risk
Read this whitepaper and learn more about achieving customer banking relationships with a 360° view of your customers and gain rapid insight using Precisely graph-database technology.
Maximize Banking Relationship with a Customer 360 View
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