White Paper

Managing Risk, Regulation and Data Governance

A financial services roadmap for compliance: An opportunity for organisations to improve operational efficiency and risk management practices.

Today, financial services providers are well-known for being highly regulated. To meet these regulations, data governance frameworks have become crucial for operations rather than just a nice option.

Additionally, regulators in markets worldwide are demanding stronger and more comprehensive data quality capabilities
within those frameworks, aiming to address weaknesses in risk management and internal controls.

Therefore, solutions that deliver converging capabilities are an essential cog in the data management strategies of the future. Financial service providers are developing strategies that mitigate the expense and reputational damage incurred by non-compliance. How can all financial service providers start implementing great strategies? The first step is a change in mindset.

Compliance: An opportunity, not a chore financial services providers must realise compliance is an opportunity, not a chore, or a hoop to jump through.

To learn more about how data integrity manages risk, regulation and data governance in financial services read this white paper.

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