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Healthcare Digital Transformation

With rapidly evolving technologies such as virtual care, made possible through advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, IoT and connected devices there seemingly is an endless potential to lower costs, enhance quality of care and improve patient health. But the industry is also facing increasingly complex regulatory reporting requirements and a fundamental shift in reimbursement models. What links both the advancements and the challenges is data, which continues to grow at a faster rate than most can keep up with. And while next to human capital, data is undeniably the most valuable enterprise asset of any healthcare organization, it also presents as many risks as it does opportunities.

Healthcare is entering an exciting new digital frontier where data, analytics and AI promise to boost innovation, drive better patient outcomes and fuel competitive advantage, but robust data management with a strong foundation of data governance and data quality are essential to success. Healthcare Payers and providers must be able to quickly and easily exchange reliable data, and work collaboratively to uncover insights and improve patient outcomes.

  • The primary industry enablers of digital transformation thus far
  • The critical technologies and tools that will drive healthcare’s continued digital evolution
  • The criticality of data quality across disparate types of data
  • The data management strategies that help organizations achieve key business objectives, improve efficiencies and revenue and increase quality of care

The changing healthcare digital landscape The healthcare industry has always delivered medical advancements like experimental treatments, innovative diagnostic tests and ground-breaking procedures—yet the industry has been quite resistant to digital transformation, for a variety of reasons. Many of these barriers to adoption are slowly being dismantled, however, as digital technologies continue to evolve and the competitive costs of resistance grow higher.

This whitepaper explores how healthcare payers should look for technologies that prioritize data quality to produce better analytic insights to drive critical initiatives like preventive care, population health and interoperability.

Healthcare Payers: Digital Transformation The Critical Role of Data Quality
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