White Paper

From Fragmented Communications to Unified Experiences: A Guide for Financial Service

The Business Value of Consistent Experiences

Financial services companies share a critical dependency: Their success rests on customer perception and trust. When it comes to trusting the organizations that hold their money, customers want to know everything that matters. It’s hard to over-communicate with financial services customers. And with the proliferation of evolving digital channels on top of branches, call centers, and mail, it’s also hard to communicate consistently given the ever-changing landscape.

Delivering timely, relevant communications and experiences across all channels builds strong relationships and trust with your customers. Deloitte found that 70% of consumers consider a consistent experience across channels to be extremely or very important in selecting a primary bank.

Consistency across channels allows a bank to meet customers where they want to be, whether it’s online for a simple transaction,at a branch for advice, or to solve a complex problem. Consistency also means consumers can switch channels seamlessly mid-task and maintain a continuous conversation, whether the switch is from a mobile app to a call center agent, or from a chatbot to live chat.

Read this white paper and learn more about how financial services can unify the customer experience.

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