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The Electronic Vault Advantage

It’s time for a different document storage strategy

Dramatic shifts in how organizations communicate with customers require a new way of thinking about document storage. It’s no longer merely a recordkeeping exercise. Customer care and digital self-service both demand an agile, interactive archive that simplifies access. It’s also essential to preserve and easily access each document in its native format. This provides a seamless customer experience across touchpoints, and meets growing regulatory requirements.

There are competing approaches to electronic document storage. However, only one choice combines high performance with low total cost of ownership to provide instant, effortless document access via your existing portals. Store and access customer communications without being locked into a single format.

Your company generates many thousands, perhaps even millions of customer communications each day, transforming data into personalized statements, invoices, policies and other business-critical communications. Traditionally, most of these have been printed and delivered by mail. Often, they are your most frequent and valuable touchpoints with customers.

The evolution of electronic document storage

Companies searching for a more effective and efficient way to store, access and deliver these critical communications have seen different technologies emerge over the years.

Microfiche became the industry standard for document archiving in the 1960s, enabling companies to dramatically reduce their document storage requirements and storage costs. Access, however, was manual and cumbersome.

Portable Document Format (PDF) technology was introduced in the early 1990s. Suddenly it was possible to share documents electronically even with someone who did not have access to the original application.

Electronic vaults are the latest addition. These high-speed repositories maintain print streams in their native format and store documents exactly as they were created. Designed to work seamlessly with existing systems and portals, electronic-vault technology offers several important advantages, including ease of deployment and fast, efficient access. It complements existing technologies and can bring new agility to organizations already using ECMs.

While storing print streams in their native format, the communications are transformed to web viewable formats at view time. Storing print streams in their native formats makes handling reprint requests efficient and simple too.

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Document Storage Instant Access to Customer Communications
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