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Digital Transformation: Creating Citizen-Centric Government

Better constituent service begins with better connections

Effective communication is the cornerstone of good governance. It shapes citizen perceptions and engenders trust. Not long ago it was simple; most government communications were one-way, paper-based interactions. Today widespread adoption of digital technology has transformed citizen expectations. Innovative companies like Amazon and Apple have set a new standard. They’ve raised expectations for convenience and self-service, and made businesses and consumers increasingly comfortable with engagement through digital transformation.

The citizens you serve expect your agency to deliver the same kind of digital experiences they get from their everyday online interactions. They want personalized communications and easy, seamless experiences on any device. They want information to be relevant to their needs, and delivered via the channel they prefer. If banks and retailers can do it, why can’t government?

Deliver the experience your constituents demand

These heightened expectations present an opportunity to add new efficiencies and reduce costs even as you improve service levels and citizen satisfaction. When you rethink how you’re connecting with your constituents, you can redefine exceptional engagement. Consider this: When given a choice, most citizens prefer to help themselves. No one wants to stand in a line at the DMV or wait on hold to have their Medicaid questions answered, and now they don’t have to. Self-service portals deliver the freedom and convenience constituents desire. Making payments or applying for services using online portals can be simple and quick. Plus, when you provide self-service options, you can expect faster payments and fewer costly phone inquiries.

Redefine engagement

Precisely gives you the power to enhance citizen experiences while reducing costs to serve. We offer a unified suite of communications solutions that:

  • Work with the systems you already have in place
  • Integrate data and content from multiple sources
  • Accelerate digital transformation to contain costs and improve efficiency
  • Deliver personalized, omnichannel experiences

Now you can communicate in a more relevant, consistent and timely manner, no matter how citizens prefer to engage with you.

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