White paper

Building a Competitive Advantage Through Data Maturity

Data Maturity considers where data lives, how it is managed, data quality and the type of questions being answered with data. A comprehensive analytics environment can be achieved, as organizations advance through the stages of Data Maturity, to effectively analyze information to make decisions about future products, markets, and customers.

A comprehensive analytics environment often includes an integrated, accurate, consistent, consolidated and enriched view of core data assets across the entire enterprise. This data environment can be provided by automating effective data integration, data cleaning, data enrichment, consolidation/entity resolution, and Master Data Management as well, as descriptive, predictive and prescriptive data analysis.

In this paper, we describe six stages of Data Maturity and what organizations can achieve at each stage to enable effective decision making and gain a competitive advantage through a true single view of the business.

  • Stage 1: Manual data collection and management
  • Stage 2: Automated data collection, integration and management
  • Stage 3: Data quality
  • Stage 4: Master data consolidation
  • Stage 5: Single view of the enterprise
  • Stage 6: Getting results: data analytics to improve decision making
Data Maturity