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Advancing Self-Service Analytics

To make intelligent business decisions quickly, operate more efficiently and gain a competitive edge, businesses need speed to insights from analysis of their data. The volume of data created on digital information platforms is exploding. To process the massive amounts of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data flowing into the business every day, organizations need a broad range of self service analytics capabilities.

However, it’s often difficult for companies to accurately analyze information because the data is housed in different, departmental silos.  As such, there’s too much lag time and complicated processes involved in bringing this information together, preventing business leaders from making accurate and effective data-driven decisions.

To overcome this obstacle, organizations need an analytics solution that enables departments to share data, allowing business analysts to access and analyze the data without involving IT. Preventing this from happening is that too many organizations rely heavily on standard relational databases to try and get the job done.

Tools like Access and Excel are often cornerstones of a company’s analytics toolkit.  While these solutions are designed for data storage and basic analytics, they are not designed to run complex analytics for the millions of rows of data required by today’s fast- paced businesses.

New technologies can help organizations move past the limitations of Access and Excel, giving business decision-makers a single, accurate view of their information for analysis and a 360 degree view of their operational landscape.

To unify siloed data, address speed, query limitations and and easily understand complex analytics, organizations need an agile solution that will enable them to gain speed to insights to make the right business decisions more quickly.

This whitepaper explores how organizations need a self service analytics solution that will enable them to gain speed to insights to make the right business decisions more quickly and gain a competitive edge.

Advancing self service analytics
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