White Paper

A Roadmap for Data Governance

Think a data governance roadmap is easy? Think again. Anyone who thinks data governance is a simple proposition is probably doing it wrong.

With the right approach, data governance is not just manageable—it delivers outstanding return on investment.

The emerging business imperative of data governance

Data has become a primary driver of value across virtually every industry.

The world is generating data at breakneck speeds, and our ability to extract game-changing insights from that information has grown by leaps and bounds. Data-driven insights translate directly to the bottom line in the form of increased revenue, cost savings and product innovation. Those benefits improve profitability and create long-term competitive advantage.

Data doesn’t deliver business value in a vacuum. To unlock its real potential, companies must:

  • Understand what data they have, what it is and how it is used
  • Ensure that it complies with regulatory requirements
  • Properly organize it in an accessible framework for data consumers

Above all, users must be able to trust the accuracy, consistency, timeliness, and contextual richness of the data.

In a word, today’s organizations need data governance.

While most organizations have taken some initial steps on their data governance journey, many encounter pitfalls along the way.  If they’re not following a proven roadmap, their data governance efforts can easily veer off course.

This white paper explores four steps of the data governance journey, and how doing it right pays off in the long run. Dive in to learn about the four critical steps that lay the foundation for successful data governance.

A Roadmap for Data Governance
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