You Need a Data Catalog. Do You Know Why?

The data catalog has become a popular discussion topic within data management and data governance circles. A data catalog is a central repository that contains metadata for describing data sets, how they are defined, and where to find them. TDWI research indicates that implementing a data catalog is a top priority among organizations we survey. The data catalog can also play an important part in the governance process. It provides features that help ensure data quality, compliance, and that trusted data is used for analysis. Without an in-depth knowledge of data and associated metadata, organizations cannot truly safeguard and govern their data.

Join this on-demand webinar to learn more about the data catalog and its role in data governance efforts.

Topics include:

  • Data management challenges and priorities
  • The modern data catalog – what it is and why it is important
  • The role of the modern data catalog in your data quality and governance programs
  • The kinds of information that should be in your data catalog and why
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