Using Data to Streamline Service Provider Operations

Data quality used to be a one-dimensional term: Is your data accurate? As the data landscape has become more complex and sophisticated, data quality has evolved to require a more holistic approach to encompass much more and ensure trust in data. Integrated data quality and governance provide a more robust single view that data-driven Telco companies require to have more complete confidence in critical business decisions.

Join us for an exploration of use cases and trends that illustrate how innovation in data management continues to evolve. Our speakers will include Adam Mazzola, Executive Director, Finance at Comcast, who will talk through the successful launch of their new and innovative program for optimizing reconciliation processes.

Key topics will include:

  • Evolving Data Monetization: improve your bottom line with the ability to confidently leverage data as an asset
  • Evolving to a Single View of Data: break down silos, and gain a powerful, comprehensive single view of your organization’s data
  • Evolving Data on the Move: ensure consistent levels of data quality by monitoring data as it moves throughout the business
  • Evolving Operational Value: enrich, fix, and validate data to open the door to new possibilities
Using Data to Streamline Service Provider Options
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