Using Data-Driven Agile Automation to Advance Digital Transformation

Digital business refers to a vision of enterprises that are continually transforming their operational models. This paradigm connects every process into a feedback loop that is self-monitoring, self-regulating, and self-healing.

Automation is the heart of digital business, but so is continual augmentation of human productivity. For modern enterprises, the centerpiece is an agile approach that some refer to as “hyperautomation.” At heart, this refers to operational unification of established methodologies—such as business process management (BPM) and event-triggered workflows—with newer techniques such as robotic process automation (RPA) and AI/ML-automated decision optimization.

Join TDWI’s senior research director James Kobielus and invited guest Andrew Hayden from Precisely on this webinar to explore how to use hyperautomation to power continuous digital business transformation. They will discuss such core principles as:

  • Orchestration of complex processes that leverage blends of BPM, RPA, AI/ML-guided process management, and other approaches to process automation
  • Consolidation and mining of process intelligence to track key performance indicators and drive analytics to continually sense, predict, adapt to, and respond to changing process events, issues, and contexts
  • Empowering business-level process developers through self-service low-code tools for building process automation logic
  • Incorporating human-in-the-loop processes to speed response to issues, bottlenecks, and exceptional circumstances
  • Monitoring and auditing real-time process status through interactive dashboards, event-triggered alerts, process metric logs, and other observability tools
Using Data-Driven Agile Automation to Advance Digital Transformation
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