Using Analytics to Understand Consumers, Neighborhoods and Advertising

Brands are getting sophisticated with their use of data. Information on real estate sales, schools, crime, transportation, and even weather can be used to understand customer activity, preferences, and accessibility to your stores. This wide array of data can reveal insights into the desirability of a location, assign risk, determine retail site selection, or aid in development and investment planning.

Aggregating data at a neighborhood level provides the necessary granularity at a manageable level for these analytics – plus, the analytics vary by industry. What’s important for retail clothing stores isn’t always important for a telecom client.

View this sponsored on-demand webinar with DPAA to explore key topics such as:

  • Partnering with your clients and choosing the right data variables and granularity
  • Accurately identifying target customer markets based on dynamic demographics
  • Understanding retail performance and site selection based on neighborhood profiles
  • Using measured analytics to tell a story about a neighborhood
  • Identifying trends to support investment strategies
  • Accurately assigning risk
Understanding Consumers, Neighborhoods and Advertising
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