Unlocking the Power of Location Data with Snowflake and Precisely

Leveraging your business addresses can unlock valuable insight moving you to contextualized knowledge, automation, and better decision-making at all levels. Yet many companies have work to do before they can use their business data to drive better decisions. To make sense of the volumes of business data, addresses provide a consistent and common thread to connect data across business processes.

Using our Geocode API for Snowflake, learn how clients are leveraging advanced analytics and enrichment solutions to:

  • Simplify the complexity of location data and transform it into valuable insights
  • Enrich data with thousands of attributes for better, more accurate analytical models, such as AI and ML technologies
  • Enhance customer-facing and operational tasks to create more meaningful and timely customer interactions
  • Add context to business data by linking IDs to pre-processed enrichment datasets for countries around the world, such as points of interest, property details, demographics, boundaries (neighborhoods, postal codes, flood zones), and more
Unlocking the power of location data with Snowflake and Precisely
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