Unlock the Power of Mainframe Data for Democratized Cloud Analytics

The rapid rate at which new technologies for cloud-based computing are being developed and deployed – like big data analytics, the Internet of Things, machine learning and artificial intelligence – is truly astonishing. Looking further out into the future, the accelerating scale and speed of such advancements is compelling organizations to migrate the majority of their data and infrastructure to the cloud.  Even the Mainframe.

It’s not that mainframe computing systems are going away any time soon. In fact, mainframe platforms are just as essential today for running global, enterprise-scale businesses as they have ever been. And despite years of pundits advocating otherwise, actually migrating off mainframe and onto cloud platforms has very rarely proven to be worth the cost and business risk involved.

But for today’s IT leaders tasked with moving enterprise IT operations forward to that integrated, future-proof, and democratized future, there is no avoiding making these changes while still running an efficient business. Organizations are turning to Precisely to help them maintain current operations while bringing their mainframe data to the cloud.

During this session we discuss:

  • Why it’s imperative for IT leaders to unlock access to mainframe data in a cloud-first world
  • The challenges and complexities of democratizing data with mainframe systems
  • How to successfully integrate mainframe data into cloud-based environments
Unlock the Power of Mainframe Data for Democratized Cloud Analytics
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