Unlock Insights Enabling Data-driven Decisions with Databricks, Precisely & CMA

Learn how to unlock your most valuable asset, information, to make better data driven decisions. Our public sector clients manage a complex portfolio of programs, legacy systems and data sources that are critical to delivering citizen services. CMA will present real life health and human services use cases that increase service delivery, improve health outcomes and manage a multi-billion dollar enterprise.

Increasing availability of location-based data and the growing capabilities of AI/ML provide an optimal opportunity for companies using Databricks to capitalize on location-based data science for a competitive edge. According to a Willis Towers Watson survey, 60% of companies are targeting AI/ML capabilities in 2021to address IT and organizational bottlenecks, such as data infrastructure, to better analyze data when evaluating risk models and reducing manual input.

Yet many companies have work to do in unlocking value from their data. To make sense of the volumes of business data, location provides a consistent and common thread to connect data across an organization. Using location, companies organize and manage data in a way that moves them to contextualized knowledge, automation, and better decision-making at all levels.

Learn how clients are leveraging advanced analytics and enrichment solutions to:

  • Simplify the complexity of location data and transform it into valuable insights
  • Enrich data with thousands of attributes for better, more accurate analytical models, such as AI and ML technologies
  • Enable real-time answers when integrating geospatial data in business processes while leveraging the power of Databricks
  • Enhance customer-facing and operational tasks to create more meaningful and timely customer interactions
Unlock Insights Enabling Data-Driven Government
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