Transformation in Supply Chain Through End-to-End SAP® Process Automation

Business agility emerged as one of the key drivers in SAPinsider’s latest research “Supply Chain Planning in The Cloud”. Digital transformation is being seen as a key lever that organizations can leverage to build business agility and resiliency. Among the many different tools within the digital transformation tool chest, data management automation and process automation are prominent ones. In the SAPinsider CIO report 2022, analytics and process automation were identified as top imperatives by CIOs across industries. In another SAPinsider report “Process Automation and SAP S/4HANA”, supply chain was identified as one of the top focus areas for process automation.

SAP is one of the most widely used and comprehensive enterprise system, and has complex, data-intensive processes embedded in the system. In a supply chain context, from upstream to downstream, there are a plethora of processes that various modules support, through hundreds of data-rich business processes designed in these modules. For those leveraging these processes, there is an imperative to have a complete automation platform that can help them with both data and process management aspects. As leaders in various industries embark to understand their challenges and to determine how they can build the capability of a complete automation platform, they grapple with many questions and challenges.

This webinar aims to provide these leaders insights and answers to key questions like:

  • What’s driving the need for more effective end-to-end automation solutions in our businesses
  • How combining REST APIs and self-service portals with best-of-breed SAP automation platforms addresses the challenge of complex end-to-end processes
  • Why a modular, low-code platform approach to automation delivers greater benefits than dedicated, point solutions
  • Examples of how companies are starting to leverage automation platforms to better manage data and information throughout their enterprises.
Transformation in Supply Chain Through End-to-End SAP® Process Automation
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