Transform Context into Intelligence in the PropTech Industry

Data powers all analytics today – driving industry workflows from customer and market intelligence to understand property features, risk management, and resource allocation. Internal structured data alone is not sufficient – an incomplete database is ineffective.

Data enrichment with contextual information, helps leaders make intelligent decisions to help extract deeper business insights and better utilize existing tools and resources to gain a competitive advantage through confident decision-making.

Understanding your data in the context of location opens the door to accurate business decisions and processes. Precisely’s Property Graph helps expose and leverage the relationships between property features and addresses, plus the rest of our rich portfolio of expertly curated datasets quickly adds business value by linking business data records to real-life locations.

In this on-demand webinar, discover the value of incorporating data enrichment into current business processes for better informed, data-driven decisions.

Join us to hear how to:

  • Utilize data enrichment to make better decisions in the fast-growing PropTech industry
  • Make better business decisions by leveraging over 9000 trusted attributes to inform machine learning (ML) and other analytical models
  • Easily incorporate accurate, complete, and current data into business processes
Transform Context into Intelligence in the PropTech Industry
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