The Future of Mainframe Is in the Cloud

Is your business using a mainframe to run your mission-critical and revenue-generating applications but evaluating a move to a cloud platform like AWS for your mainframe data? By accelerating access to mainframe data, you can get mainframe modernization projects done on time and within budget – all while extending the value of mission-critical and high-investment mainframe systems.

For example, one of the United States’ oldest financial institutions, with nearly $200 billion in assets, embarked on a journey to modernize its operations while enhancing the digital banking experience for its customers.

The institution faced several challenges before its transformation. It struggled to provide consistent and accurate data to customers across various channels, resulting in customer churn. Missed opportunities to upsell additional services also led to lost revenue. Moreover, providing real-time data from its legacy mainframe incurred substantial costs.

The institution adopted Precisely Connect for VSAM to Kafka on AWS to address these challenges. This solution facilitated seamless data integration, allowing the institution to extract, transform, and load data from its mainframe to the AWS platform. It resulted in cost savings, enhanced customer satisfaction, faster time to market, and increased operational efficiency.

Not sure where to start? Watch this on-demand session to learn how Precisely and AWS can help you continue running your mainframe applications while bringing that data to cloud-native AWS services.

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