The Future of Mainframe Data is in the Cloud

As organizations make the move to cloud platforms to support modern analytics and applications, they often need to move more than their on-premises data warehouses and lakes. Organizations often have legacy mainframe systems that run their mission-critical and revenue-generating applications, and that should be included in modern cloud projects.

Yet it can be difficult to replicate mainframe data onto cloud platforms to make it a part of your data-driven initiatives, due to the data’s complex format. When moving data to the cloud it needs to maintain accuracy, consistency, and context to be considered trusted data. At the same time, the data needs to be available in real time to cloud-based data management and analytics applications.

Watch this session for a discussion with experts from Precisely and AWS about how to bring your data to applications and services on the cloud. Topics include:

  • The importance of mainframe data for organizations
  • How to migrate/replicate mainframe data to cloud platforms
  • How to ensure trusted data on cloud platforms
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