Successful Data Governance Programs: More Than Just a Solution

Identifying the problem is the easy part. Revenue targets and KPIs are missed, modernization projects don’t produce the desired results, product introductions are delayed, merger and acquisition processes are a nightmare, violations of data policies and regulations incur fines – and worse.

Too often companies believe that simply selecting a data governance solution that has all the bells and whistles will solve their problem. And while that may be a part of the answer, a proven data strategy with targeted outcomes that delivers measurable benefits is often taken for granted.

Join us and hear from our team of experts in data integrity, business processes, and data-centric technologies to learn more about the methodology of a solid data strategy and its role in successful data governance programs, including:

  • Indications your data strategy may be lacking – or needs a jump start
  • Proven strategic approach to enable successful data governance programs
  • Accelerate value creation and risk reduction
Successful Data Governance Programs - More Than Just a Solution
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