Streaming IBM i to Kafka for Next Gen Use Cases

Your team is always under pressure to accelerate the adoption of the most modern and powerful technologies. Simultaneously, your existing investments, such as IBM i, your organization’s most critical data asset, remain in a silo. The only practical path forward is to connect the new and existing with a streaming technology like Apache Kafka to feed real-time applications that power use cases ranging from marketing and order replenishment to fraud detection.

Join this Precisely webinar to learn how to unlock the potential of your IBM i data by creating data pipelines that integrate, transform, and deliver it to users when and where they need it. Additionally, hear how Stark Denmark, uses Precisely Connect CDC to provide data to their organization in real-time.

Watch this on-demand webinar to:

  • Understand the benefits and challenges of building data pipelines that access and integrate data from IBM i systems to modern data platforms
  • Learn how Precisely can help you build real-time data pipelines
  • Hear from Stark Denmark on how they are using Connect CDC from Precisely and the benefits they are getting
Streaming IBM i to Kafka for Next-Gen Use Cases
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