Seamless, Real-Time Data Integration with Connect

As many of our customers have come to learn – integrating legacy data into modern data architecture is easier said than done! View this on-demand webinar to learn all about Precisely’s seamless data integration solutions and how they have helped thousands of customers like you trust their data.

Learn about the two flavors of Precisely’s Connect:

  • Collect, prepare, transform and load your data to various targets using Connect ETL with the flexibility of using clusters and running on many different environments. With our ‘design once, deploy anywhere’ feature; what is built on prem today, can run on a cloud platform tomorrow with no development or mainframe expertise required.
  • Capture data changes in real-time with no coding, tuning or performance impact using Connect CDC. Replicating exactly WHAT you need and HOW you need it with over 80 built-in data transformation methods.
Precisely Connect Overview
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