Retail Site Selection in a World of Digital Transformation – 2021 update

The need for intelligent data-driven site selection decisions remains paramount given the accelerated shift and pull-back of e-commerce sales following the various Covid-19 waves. The risk of oversteering your store strategies in any one direction due to potentially short-term changes to consumer behavior is very real. This webinar will discuss what retailers need to do to optimize investments in site selection in a world of accelerated digital transformation and builds on the webinar given in Nov 2020.

Discover the fundamental data, analytical methods, and insights needed to locate high performing sites regardless of the retail industry segment. Optimize doesn’t always mean to grow. It can also mean identifying where to reduce physical investment and drive channel shift strategies. Join us as we discuss and demonstrate how to make such data-driven decisions in a complex environment.

Learn how to make such data-driven retail decisions in the current, complex environment.

  • The ingredients and best practices in modeling and extracting insight from internal and third-party data
  • How to use this data to manage both the existing network, capital investment budgets, and new store development programs
  • How to identify channel shift and omni-channel opportunities which drive increased revenue opportunities
Retail Site Selection in a World of Digital Transformation
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