Real-World Use Cases for Modern Data Integration

To become more competitive, organizations need to fuel their business insights with data from all their data sources. Using batch and real-time ingestion, they need to integrate data from mainframe, IBM i, and relational database systems to power the advanced analytics, and AI and machine learning initiatives that inform downstream decision-making.

Watch this interactive discussion with two Precisely data integration experts. Hear how Precisely Connect solved challenging, real-world business problems and resolved four representative business use cases.

Learn how:

  • Companies from the banking, retail, hospitality and luxury goods sectors leveraged data integration to drive business outcomes, strengthen their brands, and improve customer satisfaction.
  • A comprehensive data integration strategy increases confidence that business decisions are based on the most recent and complete data.
  • Connect makes data replication across relational databases, streaming frameworks, and the cloud pain-free, all while offering high-performance, fault-tolerance, and resilient data delivery.
Real-World Use Cases for Modern Data Integration
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