Real-World Data Governance: Gaining Leadership Support For Data Governance

A commonly used best practice associated with standing up Data Governance programs is that “senior leadership support, sponsor, and understand Data Governance” and the activities and resources associated with governing data. The question becomes, “How do we get leadership’s support when it is possible that they have heard it all before?”

Join Bob Seiner as he covers a topic that is important to organizations gaining leadership support for the first time, and organizations with established Data Governance programs that need to sustain leadership support. Bob will share proven techniques to learn the issues and opportunities that can be addressed through formal governance and the potential introduction of data policy and strategy.

In this webinar, Bob will discuss:

  • The best of best practices
  • Defining what leadership needs from DG
  • Techniques to record business data challenges
  • Using the challenges to gain leadership support
  • Policy and strategy to gain leadership support
Real-World Data Governance - Gaining Leadership Support For Data Governance
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