Re-Calibrate Your Branch Transformation Strategy With New Insights

On-going branch transformation plans have been disrupted. Bank and credit union customers are relying more and more on appointment-only lobby hours, drive-up locations and digital channels to do their banking.

What do these short-term disruptions mean to the future of location-based networks, and how can you reassess the importance of location, facility design and usage? Now more than ever, banks and credit unions must find ways to keep up by transforming their branch networks and re-evaluating the importance of location.

View this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • The shift in the value of location: location dependent to location influenced behavior
  • Key elements in designing a thin branch infrastructure network
  • Community matters: matching the branch design to the consumer
  • Resetting customer and employee experience at the branch-what is the right balance of technology
Re-calibrate your branch transformation strategy with new insights
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