Process Automation Trends in SAP® Supply Chain

As global supply chains continue to struggle due to ongoing disruptions, the need for process automation with SAP supply chain processes has never been more pressing.

We recently sponsored a research study from SAPinsider, Process Automation in Supply Chain Benchmark Research Report, that sought to provide new insights and trends on how process automation can help to build robust supply chain capabilities required for today’s complex supply chain.

In this webinar, we will review this research report and discuss the top priorities for automation and the challenges it presents. Based on these results we will also discuss how Precisely Automate can address many of these challenges and help you achieve results in today’s challenging business environment.

Specifically, we will talk about:

  • The current state of automation in supply chain
  • The importance of resiliency and agility in managing dynamic supply chains
  • Top strategic areas for process automation in supply chain
  • How Precisely Automate drives automation success in SAP supply chain processes

Andrew Hayden, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Precisely

Process Automation Trends in SAP® Supply Chain
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