Precisely Automate SAP® Data API - Unlocking New Opportunities

This year it’s all about taking SAP automation to the next level, especially as it relates to increasing efficiency, maximizing time and resources, and opening up new automation opportunities for your organization.

As you look to expand your current processes, integration with SAP from other products might seem unmanageable or impossible. That’s why we’re covering a new way to leverage SAP Automation as an API call from other systems to not only help you integrate with other products but to also allow you to promote reusing current Studio automations. This no-code solution not only saves you a tremendous amount of time but also opens new gateways for other products, such as RPA tools, to easily integrate with SAP. As a result, SAP Automation has never been faster, more reliable, and more effortless!

You can expect to come away with new insights and tips on:

  • Which prerequisites you will need to use this feature
  • How to leverage your current Studio scripts
  • How to setup: authentication, choosing the right URL, and new libraries
  • How to find and use the JSON payload of your script
  • How to call the SAP Data API in Postman
  • How to make an SAP Data API call from an RPA tool, like Power Automate

If you’re looking for new ways to open up new opportunities for SAP automation, this webinar is for you!

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