Power Decision-making at Scale with Address-based Spatial Data Science

Location intelligence can add critical context to your data science projects and lead to better business decisions. Organizations in numerous industries including retail, real estate, insurance, construction, telecommunications, and government can reduce risks and speed responses to situations with superior location intelligence. Unfortunately, many organizations are unable to leverage precise, location-aware information because data is too hard to access, process, and interpret. As organizations expand globally and confront complex addresses and related data, they struggle even more.

Watch this TDWI webinar to learn how you can simplify and accelerate location-aware data science processes. Speakers will discuss how trends such as cloud-native technologies and use of prebuilt location data sets can power data science and give decision makers important perspectives on risk, property decisions, situation response, and more.

Topics to be covered include:

  • TDWI perspectives on location intelligence and address-based spatial data science
  • The value of big data and cloud-native technologies for adding valuable context to business addresses
  • How to use high-precision location data to estimate risk
  • Guidance for leveraging location to extract actionable insights in data science projects and sharing results visually throughout your organization
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