New Mainframe Sort Innovations Built on IBM Z Platform Enhancements

As the IBM Z Platform continues to transform to support the needs of today’s hybrid cloud environments, it is focused on being robust, resilient, and securable. Hybrid cloud combines and unifies public cloud, private cloud and on-premises infrastructure to create a single, flexible, cost-optimal IT infrastructure. As the IBM Z Platform drives their hybrid cloud model forward, they have delivered significant enhancements in encryption and performance. These enhancements have created opportunities to leverage these improvements to deliver more value to clients as they continue to look for ways to improve their mainframe environment.

Join us for a discussion with Denise Tabor, Product Management Director at Precisely, on IBM’s recent enhancements in resource optimization and security and how Precisely is leveraging these technological improvements.

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear about:

  • IBM’s recent enhancements in IBM Z Platform resource optimization and security
  • Performance enhancements in Syncsort MFX that take advantage of new IBM capabilities
  • How we are leveraging IBM’s Pervasive Encryption in our Syncsort MFX solution
New Mainframe Sort Innovations Built on IBM Z Platform Enhancements
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