Moving IBM i Applications to the Cloud with AWS and Precisely

Core transactional systems like IBM i represent an essential element of the global economy and run mission-critical business processes today.

However, to remain competitive in today’s constantly evolving IT landscape, organizations must integrate cloud-based technologies, such as those from the AWS Cloud, into their architecture to unlock business value, especially in advanced analytics and AI applications.

Organizations that successfully integrate and operate new cloud-based technologies alongside their core legacy systems pave the way to deliver solutions that drive operations efficiently while creating space for innovation and forward-thinking projects. This combination will serve as a competitive advantage as business and customer needs continue to grow.

AWS Mainframe Modernization Data Replication with Precisely unleashes mainframe data for innovation with the AWS Cloud by enabling near real-time replication of heterogeneous data from mainframe data sources like Db2, IMS, and VSAM to a wide range of AWS Cloud database destinations.

During the session to see how Precisely and AWS together provide modernization capabilities to users looking to drive innovation from IBM Series I data through near real-time replication to the AWS Cloud, providing the foundation of new business channels.

During this session, we will discuss:

  • How successful organizations manage both cloud and legacy systems
  • The combined AWS and Precisely offering
  • Real-world use cases of IBM i users leveraging AWS and Precisely
Moving IBM i Applications to the Cloud with AWS and Precisely
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