Modern Data Governance: Synergies with Quality and Observability 

Data governance solutions are now a business imperative, but modern demands require integrated capabilities to discover, understand, track, and measure data integrity across many different organizational functions.  See a demo of how the Precisely Data Integrity Suite’s Data Governance module delivers exponential value through a single solution for all data users and consumers across a typical business problem:

  • Data Stewards: See new data element alerts to profile and add contextual details, review needed data quality rules, lineage, and impact and proactively monitor data changes over time.
  • Business Owners: Easily understand data relationships to business objectives, and metrics, and request new actions
  • Data Engineers: Receive assigned tasks for new data replication requests
  • Data Analysts:  Receive assigned tasks and connection details to create data quality pipelines and enrich data
Modern Data Governance - Synergies with Quality and Observability 
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