Maximizing Service Maps To Include The Critical CIs on The Mainframe

ServiceNow offers IT operations management (ITOM) solutions that deliver enhanced visibility, automation, and operational intelligence to keep business services up and running. Customers using Service Mapping with Discovery are able to resolve service outages, optimize service architectures, and assess the service impact of infrastructure changes. However, the ServiceNow platform does not support your mainframe and IBM i environments by default – leaving a huge gap in your service maps and risking costly downtime when outages occur.

Learn how you can seamlessly integrate mainframe and IBM i systems into your ServiceNow IT Workflows so you can eliminate manual processes, increase productivity and respond faster to improve service availability across your business. By leveraging Ironstream for Service Mapping customers are able to drive self-aware operations, accelerate their hybrid-strategy, and get more out of their ServiceNow and legacy IBM investment.

Topics will include:

  • How to get more out of ServiceNow Service Mapping by including your legacy IBM systems
  • How to extend ServiceNow Discovery to auto-populate your CMDB
  • Customer use cases and examples
Maximizing Service Maps To Include The Critical CIs on The Mainframe
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