MapInfo Pro v2021 - Next Generation Location Analytics Made Easy

Using Precisely’s easy-to-use MapInfo Pro software with powerful GIS capabilities, customers manage, analyze, visualize, and publish location-based data to inform confident decisions. In October 2021, Precisely will release the English version of MapInfo Pro v2021 and will release a total of 17 languages by early 2022. This major release enhances visualization capabilities, increases data access, and expands the ability to streamline processes.

Join Precisely product experts as we showcase MapInfo Pro v2021 and the key customer-driven enhancements. Register for this on-demand webinar to:

  • Learn which MapInfo Pro Advanced features are incorporated into MapInfo Pro v2021
  • Save money with new subscription options
  • Preview MapInfo Pro v2021 with a product demo showcasing the new capabilities
MapInfo Pro v2021
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