Making Your Data and AI Ready for Business Transformation

Artificial intelligence (AI) is fueling a new wave of digital business transformation in organizations of all sizes throughout the world, across all industries.

Enterprises are using AI to improve operational performance, efficiency, and agility. At the core of these initiatives is a renewed focus on readying the diverse data needed to build, train, and optimize sophisticated new AI applications.

Watch on-demand to hear James Kobielus, TDWI senior research director for data management, explore how AI is driving digital business transformation initiatives the world over and how enterprises are accelerating this push by using AI to automate, accelerate, and enhance their data pipelines. He will present findings and recommendations in this regard from the new TDWI Best Practices Report: Transforming Your Business Through Artificial Intelligence.

Andrew Hayden from Precisely joins Kobielus to discuss the opportunities and challenges presented by automation for enterprise data professionals.

Together, they engage in an in-depth discussion of key themes, including:

  • How AI is a critical asset for digital business transformation
  • How enterprises are using AI in their data engineering workflows to make their data ready to build, train, govern, and optimize transformative AI and process automation applications
  • How organizations can use automation to both enhance and leverage AI for better business processes
  • How a new generation of business professionals is using generative, self-service, and other intuitive tools to speed development of AI models, business rules, and other application logic for process transformation
Making Your Data and AI Ready for Business Transformation
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