Liberate Legacy Data Sources with Precisely and Databricks

Mainframe and IBM i data continue to be prevalent in several industries where critical customer information lives on legacy systems.  Traditional storage solutions that are mainframe proprietary, struggle to scale for high data volume and real-time analytics use cases. This results in increases costs, diminished performance, and missed SLAs.

View this on-demand webinar to learn how Precisely and Databricks helps organizations to optimize volumes of data by leveraging the massive scalability of the cloud to power high-performance analytics, AI, and machine learning – regardless of where data lives.

Key topics include how to:

  • Quickly ingest data from on-premises sources – such as mainframe and IBM i – to the cloud with the Databricks Lakehouse platform
  • Modernize ETL processes and reduce development costs with visual data pipelines that uses the elastic scalability of Databricks
  • Empower business users with the most up to date data by populating Delta Lake with real-time data changes from legacy systems
Liberate Legacy Data Sources with Precisely and Databricks
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