Leveraging Automation to Meet Today’s Key Business Needs: agility, speed and data integrity

In today’s highly disruptive and competitive market, a company is only as good as its data. The foundation of business strategy and digital innovation, data integrity is vital to achieving operational excellence.

With this in mind, Andrew Hayden, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Precisely, is hosting a webinar on how to automate critical SAP processes to ensure data integrity, drive digital transformation success and deliver tangible business results.

During this session we will discuss:

  • The increasing importance of recognizing the interdependence of processes and the data they create and manage
  • The role that automation plays in delivering agility and speed needed to gain a competitive advantage
  • How citizen developers are essential to successfully implementing a hyper automation strategy
  • What are the advantages to adopting a portfolio approach to automation technology
  • The future of automation and how to prepare your IT organization for it
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