Our World Has Changed - Leverage the Importance of Location in Business Market and Planning Strategies

In the past, catalog sales, takeout ordering and call center usage greatly changed consumers’ usage of store and bank locations. The pace of change accelerated almost 20 years ago with the introduction of the internet as a result all types of businesses. Consumers’ continued usage of online and app-based purchasing and servicing options continues to break down barriers to open new markets.

Today, location is playing a new role where consumers are the publishers of location information which is forcing businesses to transform the way they target and engage – which means location is more important now than ever.

View this on-demand webinar where our experts in the retail, financial services and digital engagement will help you understand how the importance of location is impacting restaurants, retailers, health care and financial institutions.

During this on-demand webinar, you will learn more about:

  • What the future “Main St” will look like for retailers and how the industry likely to further evolve
  • How the retail and financial services consumers’ channel-mix looks like going forward
  • How you can effectively reach your customers and prospects in the location and digital worlds
Leverage the importance of location in business market and planning strategies
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