Legacy IBM Systems and Splunk: Security, Compliance and Uptime

Ensure you have a true enterprise-wide view of your IT landscape by incorporating mainframe and IBM i systems into your Splunk platform

Splunk is an industry leader in IT operations and security analytics – helping you make better, faster decisions with real-time visibility across the enterprise. If your critical business services rely on the mainframe or IBM i, it’s imperative that these systems are included in your Splunk environment.

Without them, you can have a significant blind spot that leads to security incidents, failed audits, downtime, and escalating costs.

Watch this on-demand webcast to learn how to seamlessly integrate the mainframe and IBM i into Splunk for a true enterprise-wide view of your IT landscape.

Presenters include Colin Knight from NatWest, Alex Stuart from Splunk and Ian Hartley from Precisely.

During the webinar, you will discover:

  • How to leverage Splunk to improve enterprise IT security and IT operations
  • Benefits and challenges of integrating mainframe and IBM i systems into the Splunk platform
  • How Precisely Ironstream provides integration with Splunk without the need for mainframe or IBM i expertise
  • Real-world experience integrating mainframe data into Splunk at NatWest
Legacy IBM Systems and Splunk webinar
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