IBM Z Cost Reduction Opportunities: Are you missing out?

Large companies continue to use mainframes for their most business-critical IT workloads. For these companies, finding ways to get more bang for the mainframe buck, in terms of both costs and performance, is always a high priority. Several converging trends in recent years have made it more challenging than ever to achieve the needed organizational performance at the best possible price point. IT leaders in mainframe departments are seeking out ways to speed processing, especially mundane processing tasks such as sorting, copying, merging, compression, and report generation.

Whether you are looking to get more value from your mainframe investment with enhanced performance, improved efficiency, or modernization, Precisely has multiple solutions for customers running IBM Z Systems that can have a dramatic impact on cost and efficiency.

Watch our on-demand webcast to hear about:

  • Optimizing mainframe sort workloads
  • Leveraging your zIIP processors
  • Modernizing your database environment
  • Improving visibility into mainframe processing
IBM Z Cost Reduction Opportunities - Are you missing out
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