I Have Trust Issues With My Data, How Can I Improve My Data Quality?

Data is becoming increasingly important for both decision-making and use by artificial intelligence models. According to the Data Integrity Trends Survey 2023, only 46% of people trust their data for decision making and of those who struggle to trust their data, 70% say data quality is their biggest issue. Watch this webinar to learn how to improve the quality of your data so that you can trust both your data and the decisions that rely on it. What does data quality mean to you? There are many aspects to having high quality data and it can mean different things based on the context. In this webinar we will discuss:

  • How customers applied a variety of data quality approaches to ensure they can trust their data
  • The most common categories of customer use cases that require improved data quality including data at rest and in motion
  • Modern approaches to improve data quality at scale using automated processes leveraging artificial intelligence such as anomaly detection and system suggestions so you can learn to trust your own data
  • How a data governance framework will accelerate your data quality improvement efforts
I Have Trust Issues With My Data, How Can I Improve My Data Quality
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