How to Gain Visibility and Control for Your SAP® Business Processes

Ready for out-of-the-box integration to SAP? How about stronger control, governance, and compliance for your SAP user interactions?

We’ll cover all that and more during our Automate Studio Manager training.

Greater control over your Automate Studio business processes means bigger, better results. We’ll show you how to enable your business users to interact with SAP from Microsoft Office and other familiar platforms – resulting in more efficiency and control of SAP transactions, along with improved data integrity and accuracy.

For actionable steps, we’ll run through a journal entry demo and show you how to quickly build a journal entry script – no coding required. You’ll learn how to

  • interact with SAP from both business user and script developer perspectives
  • easily upload and submit SAP data from Excel
  • validate and set policies before entering data into SAP
  • improve data integrity and accuracy
  • view errors that are reported and processed
  • create and publish scripts for your various SAP t-codes, without any specialized coding skills
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